Deluxe Mesh Padded Dog Carrier Backpack - The best way to carry your Pet!

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Our Deluxe Mesh Dog Carrier Backpack is the best way to carry your pet around town! Its great for hiking, camping, meeting up with friends or just walking around the neighborhood! The Backpack has padded straps that make it easy and comfortable to wear! It has a padded bottom to keep your pooch comfy and is made with high quality breathable mesh fabric that will ensure a comfortable fit for both you and your pet! Our Backpack is great for carrying Pets who are old, injured, get tired when walking around, or just love to be by your side!

Key Features:

  • Easy and Comfortable way to Carry Pets who are old, injured, get tired when walking for a long period of time, or just love to be by your side!
  • Interior Pad on the bottom of the backpack to keep your pooch cozy!
  • Comfy Padded Straps that are easy on your back and help distribute the weight evenly!
  • Collar attachment on the inside of the backpack to make sure your pet is safely secured!
  • Convenient Zipper and Adjustable Drawstring to easily get your pet in and out of the Backpack!
  • Made from Sturdy and Durable mesh material that you can machine wash or wash by hand! 
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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Dana Holmes
Haven’t used it yet!

Looking forward to using it when I pick up my puppy next month!

Duncan Penny
Great for puppies who aren’t ready for a leash.

The dog carrier back pack came in really handy when we got our puppy. He was afraid of traffic and would shake. Otherwise he was fearless. It was easy to put him in the pack and he loved to look out and know that he was safe. Thanks for a great, high quality product that holds up! (Pockets are great too! Put his leash in it in case he had to use the bathroom.)

Works Great

I gave my brother the backpack for his dog. After a few treats he went in and wouldn't come out.

Gerald Zarrella
Mesh padded carrier

Loved this carrier, however Zoe didn't like it. Looking to return them and order a different style

Hal Shito

It’s a great backpack!